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The Networking Club was created in order to provide a place for bright, forward-thinking businesspeople to connect with one another, across the U.S. and around the world.

We have a controversial statement for you: We are an online networking website that believes that you are most successful by attending a regular face-to-face meeting with other business professionals, following an agenda, and having systems in place for sharing business and referrals.

However, many of us belong to the same organizations, but without an international registry and point of community, we have difficulties networking with each other on a regular basis. While other communities have been tried, their main failings is that they are free - therefore people join and don't continue because they don't have any skin in the game - and that they also have other groups on the same site. So you might end up with your business members being exposed to non-business (read frivolous and sometimes offensive) groups.

We increase the focus and decrease the noise by providing one site with one group with one focus - getting business done.

So sign up for a free account (Quote of the Day and Tip of the Week + read our forums), ORjoin us as a member and get a business listing, access to tons of business education and participate in our forums, ORjoin as an organization and market your group to a world of networking professionals.

As we appreciate sites that tell you who is behind the curtain, here's our information:

Beth Anderson
PO Box 592
Hopkins, MN 55343
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About the pictures....
The pictures scattered across the site of sailboats and sunsets are all from Beth, who is a resident of Pepin, Wisconsin, one of the prettiest places on earth.
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