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TNC Affiliate Program

An affiliate program is a way for you to refer your friends and colleagues to The Networking Club (TNC) and earn a commission when they join.

You put our logo and a link on your website to ours, and when someone visits your website, clicks on the link and joins TNC, you start earning money.

We pay $1 per member per month, for as long as they are a member of TNC! We pay monthly to regular affiliates...Toolbox Chapters are paid quarterly.

Every paying member of TNC - members or organizations - are automatically set up to be an affiliate. Once you join, login and click the Affiliate Program link on the Administration Menu. There you will find the code to put on your website, and an accounting of who has joined, how much you have earned, and how much is still outstanding to be paid out.

A side benefit - yet extremely important - is search engine placement. By linking to our site, and us linking back to you, both of us benefit in the search engines. It's all good.
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