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Meet TheNetworkingClub.com's Panel of Experts

Beth M. Anderson
The Networking Queen
Terri O'Dowd
Organizing for Life
Dr. Ivan Misner
Founder, BNI
Jill Konrath
Selling to Big Companies
Sue Henry
Luann Buechler
Tom Schmoll Judith Hanks
Nutrition Expert
Jim Knoflicek Jeff Scott Hoyland
Referral Tactician
Ted Halone
Your Salon Coach

The TNC experts are here to help you grow and learn both personally and professionally. They are a diverse group of successful businesspeople, who have opinions are willing to share them with you. Join TNC and learn from the experts. If you are outstanding in your field, click here and find out how you can become a TNC expert.

Beth M. Anderson is an entrepreneur, co-founder of this website, and an internationally recognized expert in Networking. Dubbed the "Queen of Networking", Beth is an active participant in several on-line worlds of networkers who consistently ask her to connect them with others and help them find meetings to attend.

After three years of managing her contacts by hand, she realized we needed a place for everyone to connect together, and TNC was born. Together with her business partner in
OrgTrack.com, Brian Woodruff, they created this website to help others learn to network. She is available for speaking engagements, and invites you to join her on TNC.
Terri O'Dowd
Noted for her versatile business perspective, Terri O’Dowd combines 20 years of big business with 10 years of small business experience. Through Terri O’Dowd Consulting, she thinks with and for people about how their lives, businesses, communications, processes, and physical space can be more effective. Her experience includes project management (in web design and process communications), training and development, human resources, customer service, and department management. “Business sitting” is her unique offering; assessing and maximizing organizing ability, especially with de-cluttering and filing, her specialty. Look for her cleaning out a garage or kitchen, defining a new business process at a conference table, or co-writing an article or presentation at a client’s computer.
Tom Schmoll is the Area Director for Northern Minnesota. Tom brings nearly 8 years of BNI membership and 10+ years of direct sales experience to his chapters. Tom is known for building big, strong chapters throughout northern MN and has developed many 40 plus member chapters. Tom knows and understands the value of receiving referrals and promotes the givers gain philosophy with ENTHUSIAM! Tom is the owner of Filthy Clean, a contract cleaning company in Grand Rapids, MN. He built the company from scratch and received his largest account through a BNI referral. Tom’s BNI advice is, “If you work the system the way it was intended, you WILL get results. There’s no doubt in my mind what-so-ever that BNI works.”
Judith Hanks is the owner of a building with four of her businesses located within; Lakota Day Spa, Seconds on Third (Quality consignment) and the Third Street Deli and Juice Bar & Pepin Natural Foods. Judith is dedicated to helping people discover the potential within, starting with eating well and taking care of ourselves. Stop by or give her a call...she's always glad to see you.
Jim Knoflicek
Jim is the owner of a successful engraving business since 1978. Has served as a director for BNI for 5 years and has presented ideas on networking for business organizations all over southern Wisconsin. He is an advocate of small business and is a true believer in the “entrepreneurial spirit.”
Jeff Scott Hoyland
Jeff Hoyland is featured contributing author for BNI and Monster.com. He works at
BAO, By Appointment Only, where he sets up introductory meetings for other companys' sales reps with the Top Executives of Fortune 2000 companies throughout the US. Jeff teaches fun networking and referral seminars with names like "If you Invite Them, They will Come.", "How to Build your Business Blossom", and "Networking Events for Beginners - and We're All Beginners".
Ted Halone
Founder of
www.YourSalonCoach.com. For over three decades he has explored every aspect of the cosmetology industry. Besides owning his business he has expanded to become a national technical trainer. Seeing the need in the industry for marketing and business development Ted expanded his expertise on an international level via virtual coaching. He developed "Coach in Your Car", Audio Coaching, as a means to reach people in an affordable, convenient way as they grow their business. Ted is available as a motivational speaker for your events. You can contact him at 1-877-535-4247, or on his website YourSalonCoach.com
Dr. Ivan Misner
Jill Konrath
Jill Konrath, author of Selling to Big Companies, helps sellers crack into corporate accounts, shorten sales cycles and win big contracts. She is a frequent speaker at national sales meetings and association events.

http://www.SellingtoBigCompanies.com for more info. Get a free Sales Call Planning Guide ($19.95 value) when you sign up for the Selling to Big Companies e-newsletter.
Sue Henry
Sue Henry has a life mission: To make a positive difference in the life of someone everyday!” Known for her great attitude and energy, Sue brings excitement and passion to all that she does. For more than 8 years, she has actively networked with business people, helping many of them refine and grow their businesses through workshops and seminars. Sue is a published author and is also a contributing author for “Masters of Sales”, by Dr. Ivan Misner, being released fall of 2007. Sue dreams of meeting new people while traveling all over the globe at discount prices through
www.suehenry.worldventures.biz and having all of her travel “fun” tax deductible! Rather than going to each online travel website individually, her website simultaneously searches ALL those sites for you, displaying the best deals possible with the least amount of time and effort.
Luann Buechler
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