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What Is The Networking Club
The Networking Club (TNC) is a place where businesspeople from around the world can connect with one another. OrgTrack (our parent company...same people, new idea) provides websites for membership based organizations, and as such, we get kudos for making it easy for people to find one another, and emails of frustration when an organization does not have our product. So....it became clear that there is a need for a place to connect people to one another, outside the constraints of any one organization.

We provide a place for people to get information about networking and other topics, a place for organizations to promote themselves, and forums so that members can talk with each other.

Why Join The Networking Club
Do you like more money? That's the most basic reason we're all in business...to make money. TNC can help you make more money in three distinct ways:
  1. by providing you with a directory listing that is available 24x7 to anyone in the world.
  2. by teaching you how to really network to grow your business
  3. by our affiliate program, where a link on your website becomes a portal to our site, and pays you for the privelege when your contacts join TNC.

Make Your Website an Income Stream by becoming an affiliate of TNC. Details here...

How do people find out about The Networking Club
Our parent company has been in business since 2001, helping organizations and businesses with their web presence. We have a starting client list of over 25,000 people, all of whom are very familiar with us and how our software works. As our existing customer base rolls out this new product to their customers (more about that here), traffic will continue to increase. We also invite all of our members to put a link on their websites (Become an affiliate) and encourage them to market this site to their customers, colleagues, friends and family. Once they see how easy it is to find the right business to do business with, they return and recommend us to others.

What Makes TNC different
There are many, many business networking websites, groups, blogs, portals, etc. etc. We have yet to find one that is universally successful. We believe that online networking is an add-on to your existing network, and it does not replace face-to-face interactions. Just because two people pay for a subscription to belong to the same website does not make for a relationship that engenders the trust and confidence that is required to refer business to one another.

We are also unique in that all you will find on this site is this group. We do not have anything that isn't related to the business of networking. Business networking. Professional business networking. We are unique. Join TNC and find out how to build those relationships that generate income for you.

Why is there a charge to belong to TNC?
One of the other reasons online networking sites often fail is because they are free. Sure, you run across the site, go ahead and list yourself, and then you move on to other things and forget about it. Unless they remind you that you have a listing, you may never visit again. We also have an affiliate program for our members where they can make their website an income stream.

We believe that by charging a nominal amount to have a listing and access to the Members Only section (where you'll find extensive networking information) you have a vested interest in making the site a success, and therefore will help build the traffic and membership base.

Because everyone involved has a real, monetary reason in the site being successful, it is successful.

What Does the Future Hold for TNC?
Everyone wants to see into the future....so do we! We believe in building websites based on what our customers want...but we need your help! Email us your suggestions and as time goes on we'll implement them. Okay, probably not all of them, but many of them will make the cut! Here's some things we are thinking about:
  • Member testimonials for each other
  • Referral tracking tools
  • Webpages for organizations
  • Meeting search by distance from a zip code
So help us help you and send us your ideas!
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