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Looking for Experts!

Are you outstanding in your field? The Networking Club is now accepting applications for experts to participate in our Net Learn area. If you can write, or know someone who can write for you, we would like to talk to you!

See our experts here.

Our Net Learn experts are:
  1. Experts in their professional specialty
  2. Able to write articles on their subject
  3. Members of The Networking Club
  4. Entertaining!

Our Net Learn experts will:
  1. Write 5 or more articles on various aspects of their professional specialty.
  2. All articles will include contact information for the author
  3. One author will be highlighted each day on our home page
  4. One author per week will be spotlighted in our Tip of the Week
  5. We will select up to three people per professional specialty as the expert in that area

Email us a sample of an article that you think would be a good piece for the site. Check out the articles on the site to get a feel for the types of writing we are looking to have included. Please include your contact information, including a website and a phone number.
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