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Speaking Engagements

Beth Anderson is an accomplished networker, and is available to speak at your event. She owns two website design companies, and is a co-founder of this website. Her 25 years of computer experience brings a logical, technical side, and when combined with her creative sense and ability to think around corners, makes her a dynamic and informed speaker. She has spoken to hundreds of groups over the years, and can refine and define her presentation to fit your organization.

Some of the topics she has spoken on are:
  • The 10 Things You Need to Know About Choosing a Networking Meeting
  • Making the Most of Your Website
  • Profit from Your Network
  • Make Money Through Affiliate Programs
  • Put Your Best Network Foot Forward
  • Get the Word Out - Newsletters Keeping Your Name At the Top
  • Why Not Everyone Needs a Website

Other workshops can be customized to fit your situation. Contact Beth for more information.

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